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Changzhou Sanjie Plastic Products Co., Ltd starts to produce cubitainer since 2008, locates in Wujin Scientific R&D Park (national New Hi-tech 

Industrial Park).

Sanjie insists on importing LDPE (FDA certified) material to satisfy 

toughest requirements , 

which is acid-base and high temp (90c) resistant. It's shaped under high temperature, germ-free, non-toxic and tasteless, has perfect flex and impact resistance performance. It's thin and light, collapsible, easy to transport, freight saving, widely used in the package of food, industry, medical, outdoor, disaster relief, fertilizer, etc. Our product now reaches over 60 categories, and we've developed more than 10 accessories according to customers' requirements.


We produce under the roof of 100,000 level purify workshop, dust-free production, inspection and packaging.

Being raised to perform high quality by oversea customers, our company has very strict control on raw material sourcing, production management, packaging, delivery and quality issue trace solution by following ISO 9001 standard.

our customer covers a area of:
America: USA, Columbia, Dominica, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, etc;

Euro: UK, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, etc;

Asia: Japan, Korea, KSA, India, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore, Pakistan, HK, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc;

Africa: Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, etc;


Above all, we appreciate our friends' help during the cooperation, that is to say we have wider development space in future, to achieve double win.


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  • Address: NO 15-1, Wanta Industrial Centre Zone, Wujin Gaoxin District, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu

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CopyRight © 2019-2022 Changzhou Sanjie Plastic Products Co., Ltd all rights reserved. 
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